Do I really need an assistant?

* Is your business running you as your 'To Do List' grows longer?

* Has your strategic business growth plan ceased to work?

* Do existing customer and client relations need improvement?

* Do you need to attract new business?

* Are your affairs falling behind while you are busy helping family members?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you need our services, now.

Why you should hire us.

Partnering with a virtual assistant is right for your business if you answered yes to any of the questions in the left-hand column. We understand how important your business is to you and work hard to support your small business growth. You will be working with experienced professionals in the administration field and can begin to build a relationship with our executive assistants based on your personal business-style preferences and skills. Best of all we work as independent contractors. So, you have no labour laws, deductions or extra equipment to plan for or manage.

Consider the possibilities.

One hour per day of office duties equates to six weeks per year spent on mundane business tasks. Bookkeeping, answering correspondence, filing regulatory papers, call backs, and archiving easily takes 3 hours out of each day. Can you afford to lose more than 4 months of business development time? Our executive services can fulfill your administrative chores, freeing up your time for important business pursuits - promote business growth, close new deals, attend trade shows, increase your bottom line. Our senior's and specialist services will provide peace of mind for your family.

Bedgeburry Park Executive Assistants

Delivering comprehensive, reliable solutions. We've got you covered!

Bedgeburry Park Executive Assistants is owned and operated by Susan D. Young, who because of her own past successes in employment, entrepreneurial and volunteer posts has received numerous requests for her special acumen and expertise in administrative affairs to help business owners, landlords, professionals and families with seniors accomplish their goals. By incorporating respect, humility, love, truth, honesty, courage and wisdom into the business, Bedgeburry Park Executive Assistants will always strive to provide above-average care to you, our client.

January, 2016


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