• Well-written and thoroughly researched articles on topics of your choice

• Keyword research for your choice of topics

• 250-300 words of unique content per blog posting

• Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, Moveable Type or Drupal design for your easy maintenance

• Blog articles can be created as product reviews, articles, product news, tips, company news

• Links created from your blog to your company or sales sites

• Trackbacks and/or pingbacks to other sites that refer to your entries

• Web syndication offered via RSS or Atom, depending upon blog platform chosen

• Images titled with one or more words from your post title to increase the "relevance" of your post

• Key terms from your image and title are in the body of your post

• If desired, post-moderation setup of blog comments requiring users to register before commenting, or requires individual posts or comments to be approved by a moderator or administrator before they appear in the blog

• Photoblogs on individual domains, photoblogs on blogging services designed primarily for text content, and photoblogs on photo-specific blogging services such as Fotolog or Flickr

• Appropriate widgets are installed (dependent upon blog platform chosen) to enable chat mode, searching and posting to Amazon, Twitter, FreshBooks, Pandora and accepting payments via PayPal

• Installation of available traffic-building widgets, such as, StumbleUpon and Digg

• Submission of your blog to major search engines

• Quarterly review your blog to determine whether any of the elements have become outdated or no longer relevant and provide recommendations for their removal or alternative design choices

• Important information such as more about you or your company, your e-mail, search functions, RSS feed subscription link, and any calls to action on the top half of your blog page

• Create your blog banner to match your company brand

• Links to other posts with similar content or people with alternate points of view to create a rich, rewarding experience for your readers

• Engage your readers with questions, contests and assignments

• Participation in blog events

• Visit other blogs and leave comments with your blog URL

• Interaction with other people who are blogging on similar topics

• Create blog sidebar to display a list of blogs that you enjoy reading, lists of books you're reading and/or people that you are tracking to deliver added value for your readers

• Check your blog in several different browsers for functionality and appearance, provide recommendations for any changes or improvements

• Usability check of your existing blog and provide recommendations for any changes or improvements


To become one of the most trusted and reliable sources for business and personal support services through offering an array of effective and up-to-date administrative and organizational services and tools.


1. We will deliver contracted work on time with the highest quality of service, professionalism and accuracy.

2. We will keep you informed of the progress made on your project. If a project is to continue over 30 days or more, we provide you with detailed customized reports at the end of each month. Our reports will set out specifically what we've been working on, the total hours used by your business, and how our service has helped to improve your business operations.

3. All of our team members are screened, interviewed, tested, reference-checked and have met or exceeded our rigorous criteria before they ever come to you.

4. Bedgeburry Park Executive Services will not disclose or share your confidential and/or personal information with any other party at any time. We will happily provide you with a signed non-disclosure form if you require the same.

5. If, for some unforeseen reason, your hours are not used within the time specified in the package description we will refund you the balance of the unused portion of your fee. We will also refund you the balance of any unused portion of your fee for any package of 20 hours or more when you notify us in writing to cancel our services. Any service package can be refunded in full within 48 hours of purchase if no work has been performed and a written request from you is received by us to cancel the package and to send a refund to you.

6. If you are not completely satisfied with our performance, all efforts will be made to make it right or we will gladly issue a refund of the unused portion of any service package that you have purchased.


Below are a few of our projects both past and present.

You will see from these projects that we demonstrate competency, flexibility, adaptability of solutions to problems and that no job is too big or too small to which to turn our attention.

Email: Telephone 289-263-7590