Bedgeburry Park was established during July of 2010 to pull together under one focused meaningful umbrella a myriad of services currently being offered by it's founder, Susan D. Young, to a variety of clients under three different operating arenas. During 2009 and the early months of 2010, while observing the ongoing and ever-widening repercussions of the earlier financial collapse in the U.S.A., it came to the attention of the founder that there were many small businesses and individuals in Canada and specifically, in Ontario, who were going to be impacted by the overall depression of the economic environment. Many of those businesses and individuals would experience a serious need of assistance in organizing and meeting their many and varied administrative needs on shoestring operating and household budgets. Certainly, Susan's concern focused on the many who would be directly and negatively affected by the economic downturn - small businesses, employees of those businesses and the circle of older family members of those employees.

The various business interests of Bedgeburry Park's founder were also impacted by those same economic reversals necessitating a serious re-organization of her own businesses operating formulas, products and services. By entering into that phase of rationalization of her own business offerings, it became apparent that many entities would be able to benefit by leveraging the knowledge and experience gained by Susan Young in her 20 years of business operation and the previous years of her middle management career. In doing so, those businesses and individuals would be able to restore a sense of control in their own respective circumstances and restore stabilization to their own affairs and interests. Thus, Bedgeburry Park Executive Assistants was seeded.

Whereas data sourcing, transcription and indexing services had been handled by one agency, historical and biographical research with follow-on copywriting, production and publication of various business, property and personal histories were handled by a second of Susan's businesses. Administrative services ranging from simple word processing to data entry to full-scale organization and management of the affairs of numerous individuals to pre-startup coaching services for several small businesses were handled by yet a third business. Bringing together these services under the umbrella of Bedgeburry Park Executive Assistants, Susan Young is now able to provide these and more substantial and comprehensive services and support to a wider field of clientele.

In addition to the vast knowledge and experience of Susan Young and her team of VA assistants, you, the clients of Bedgeburry Park Executive Assistants will also enjoy
  • • the preservation of the hard-work and dedication invested in your business
  • • the maintenance and improvement of your business' reputation;
  • • the maintenance and, if necessary, improvement of the confidentiality of your business affairs;
  • • the reliability of our on-time project completion;
  • • the accuracy of our work;
  • • the effective solutions to organizational and procedural dilemmas;
  • • the assurance that we will stand behind our work and our clients throughout each project.


Since 1990, and following my retirement from conventional corporate life, I ventured back into the world of independent business ownership. Under the banner of three affiliated businesses I have undertaken many projects in legal, historical and public presentational fields and have continually upgraded and sharpened my skills and aptitudes. The highest standards of care and diligence are cornerstones of my business philosophy to ensure that every one of my clients receive the full benefit of my experience and integrity. After careful thought and stock-taking of my skills, abilities, and the fit with my professional career, during 2006 I also took over the management and development of the Kent OPC project, a project involving the coordination of people and resources around the world for the transcription and development of historical data publication.

Over the past 20 years, I have successfully completed many data entry and desktop publishing projects, powerpoint presentations, performed many document and data conversions from a variety of formats to PDF, Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, and worldwide web files. In that time, I have performed services for Canada Immigration, foreign Public Trustees, probate firms and solicitors in verifying claims of entitlement to entry into Canada, citizenship in both Canada and the U.S.A. as well as entitlement to legacies and bequests, respectively.

I have also conducted numerous seminars and many classes regarding various aspects of historical evidence, research and formal documentation, independently in classrooms, and for several libraries and women's groups throughout the Niagara Peninsula. I have also volunteered my time and skills to non-profit governance boards, resource centres and neighbourhood associations. So, my vast experience stands me in a good position to know what is required to bring to the boardroom table, or to a public audience, an interesting, informative, accurate and entertaining presentation.

Needless to say, my skills in copy writing, copy editing, proofreading, indexing, transcriptions, and conducting research on an variety of topics has been extremely important throughout my career. I have completed projects in market research, construction of online surveys, quantitative and qualitative research, business research, technical research, personal research, competitive research, manufacturer research, travel research, real estate and property research.

Within Bedgeburry Park Executive Assistants I will be able to utilize all of my vast experience and pool that together with the myriad of services currently being offered under my different business concerns. Combining my proven talents and abilities with the passions and skills of my VA team, I know that my business (and my client's businesses) are destined for great things!!


To become one of the most trusted and reliable sources for business and personal support services through offering an array of effective administrative and organizational services and tools.


Below are a few of our projects both past and present.

You will see from these projects that we demonstrate competency, flexibility, adaptability of solutions to problems and that no job is too big or too small to which to turn our attention.


Some of the achievements throughout my business and professional life include:

  • 1974 Grad., Humanities and The Liberal Arts, West Coast College, Westminster, California

  • 1977 Diploma, Law and Business Administration, St. Catharines College, Mason's Hall Campus, Ontario

  • 1980 Diploma, Realtors' Licensing, Niagara College, Welland Vale Campus, Ontario

  • 1982 Established Executive Compuserve, among one of the first independent business services in the Niagara Peninsula

  • 1983 Appointed British and European Research Specialist, St. Catharines Family History Centre

  • 1988 Certification, Law Clerk (Ontario), Law Society of Upper Canada, Osgoode Hall, Toronto, Ontario

  • 1988 Licencing as a Commission for Ontario for taking Oaths, Province of Ontario, Queen's Park, Toronto, Ontario

  • 1990 Established The Family Historian, later Ancestry Solutions

  • 2006 Assumed management and development of the Kent OPC project

  • 2010 Established Bedgeburry Park services

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