THE BRIEFS AND BENEFITS OF OUR SERVICES                                                                 
Benefit: You will decrease operating expenses and save money by paying only for the services you require.

Benefit: You will not have to allocate money for:

  • - Lost work time for lunch hours and breaks, medical leaves or vacations
  • - Firing, lay offs or downsizing under-utilized staff
  • - Remittances for CPP, EI, W.S.I.B., health insurance, employee benefits or retirement plans
  • - Recruiting, interviews or training periods for new staff, office outfitting, or HR administration
  • - Sick leave or separation allowance miscalculations

  • Benefit: You have the potential to make more money by maximizing your time in effective business pursuits, such as creating new products or services, re-evaluating and improving existing products and services, and seeking new markets.

    Benefit: You will have increased time to just enjoy the profits of your hard work.

    Benefit: Results-Based Reporting

    We provide you with detailed customized reports each month to show you specifically what we've been working on, the total hours used by your business, and how our service has helped to improve your business operations.

    Benefit: No Long Term Commitments
    We are flexible and reliable and can assist as frequently or as infrequently as you require. Most similar assistant services will require a contract of at least 40 hours for several months - we don't. If you contract with us for 20 hours or more try our services for 15 hours and if you don't feel that our services will help you achieve your purpose, notify us in writing to cancel any remaining time on your contract. We will refund you the full unused portion of your contracted hours.

    Additional Benefits of our Services

    • - Peace of mind that your tasks are high quality, consistent and on time
    • - Peace of mind that your tasks will be handled by a Bedgeburry Park Executive Assistants team member who understands how
         important your business is to you
    • - Less stress for last minute responsibilities even if you are out of town
    • - Delegate tasks you are unable to do or have time for
    • - No more forgotten or lost invoices or late payments to vendors, preserving good B2B relationships
    • - No more shoebox receipts, miscalculated tax deductions or late tax filings
    • - No more undetected bank errors


Below are brief outlines of the services that we offer to businesses, categorized by general type of service, for your convenience. For example, Administrative Support, encompasses all secretarial, desktop publishing and document services. Click on the "Learn More" links to see a detailed list of the services available under each category. To become a client of Bedgeburry Park Executive Assistants click on the "Become a Client" button in the top navigation bar.

Administrative Assistant and Secretarial Support
Whether for a specific job, or ongoing assistance, we can help you take on those time-consuming but essential secretarial, desktop publishing and document handling tasks, which distract you from your business.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Support
Most small businesses are started by people who are passionate about a product or service. Very few of those entrepreneurs find themselves with enough time to devote to the day-to-day financial and accounting tasks that quickly pile up. With our virtual accounting and bookkeeping support, we can keep your accounts organized and up-to-date.
Content Creation and Speech Writing Services
You have but a few seconds to capture the interest of your target audience. If your material is not engaging and does not quickly answer your audience's ultimate question, you are unlikely to capture their attention. We will take your ideas and create persuasive copy that resonates with your target audience.
Public Relations Support
Public relations are an essential component in the ultimate success of a business. Public communications must be succinct and persuasive to achieve desired outcomes even under positive business conditions. Carefully prepared public relations responses are particularly crucial in handling potentially controversial business affairs. Do your public relations efforts present your business in the strongest possible light?
Event Planning
If you need help with any event planning - from arranging an off-site conference to setting up for a trade show, we can help. Send us the details - budget, invitation list and your preferred venue, and we will get to work to have everything ready for your arrival. We've helped to organize everything from trade show displays to corporate Annual General Meetings. We will work to set your venue up quickly, within your budget and with style!
Marketing and Viral Marketing Support
Marketing your business, whether in print or on-line, is one cornerstone in maintaining the high visibility of your business with your clients. Only constant contact with your clients can help to ensure that they remain loyal to you and your business. To avoid lapses in product turnover continuous marketing of your business is imperative. However, while efforts focus on fulfilling client needs, marketing processes are relegated to future down times.
Business Management Support
Owners of businesses often experience heavy workloads or urgent demands for their products and services. Many mundane but, nevertheless, fundamental organizational and management tasks remain unaddressed, such as preparation of operating policies and tracking of business goals. Whether for a specific job, or ongoing assistance, we can tackle those essential tasks, which otherwise would remain on your "to-do" list.
Virtual Web Master
With our expertise we can develop any web services your business may need from simple updates to keep your content current to more specialized time-intensive services such as blogs, adsense pages, email follow-ups, autoresponders, PPC, ad campaign tracking. We deliver measurable results without the costly expense of in-house web professionals.

Brand & Online Reputation Management
Knowing how you and your business are viewed in the public arena is integral to maintaining a positive business image. As a positive image is fundamental in keeping new and existing clients and customers coming through your door it is essential to correct and overcome any potentially profit-damaging negative public image. We delve into the 'word on the street' so that we can build a strategy to push out the right message to the public for you.
Social Media Marketing Master
The most frequented websites on the Internet are the social networking sites, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our social media marketing services will promote recognition for your brand on the top social sites and search engines on the Internet. We can capture a segment of the traffic for your business driving prospects and customers to your web pages.
SEO Management
If you are serious about improving your company's search engine rankings, as well as optimizing your contact with your web site's visitors generated by search engines and pay-per-click advertising campaigns, then our comprehensive SEO Services are for you.
Virtual Blogging & Reviews
Blogs are an effective way to showcase your company, your products, product reviews and even your personal observations and opinions on current topics to a wide market. We help you brand your business with creative blog entries and reviews written in novel, informative and to-the-point prose. We will formulate the content of your blog entries to drive more traffic to your primary website, build solid links and increase sales.
Office Setup and Relocation Services
Setting up or moving a business without any downtime is a tough challenge. A lot of coordination is required to have Internet connection, configuration, security setups, email and phone lines working, networks fully functional and individual offices ready for business. Important steps are often missed. We can managing the hardware installation process and even help you pack, ship and unpack computers and furnishings.