THE BRIEFS AND BENEFITS OF OUR SERVICES                                                                 
Benefit: You will decrease your expenses and save money by paying only for the services you require.

Benefit: You will not have to allocate money for:

  • - Lost work time for lunch hours and breaks, medical leaves or vacations
  • - Firing, lay offs or downsizing under-utilized staff
  • - Remittances for CPP, EI, W.S.I.B., health insurance, employee benefits or retirement plans
  • - Recruiting, interviews or training periods for new staff
  • - Sick leave or separation allowance miscalculations

  • Benefit: You will have increased time to just enjoy your family and friends.

    Benefit: Results-Based Reporting

    We provide you with detailed customized reports, monthly if appropriate, to show you specifically what we've been working on, the total hours used, and how our service has helped to improve your situation.

    Benefit: No Long Term Commitments
    We are flexible and reliable and can assist as frequently or as infrequently as you require. Most similar assistant services will require a contract of at least 40 hours for several months - we don't. So, if you would like to contract with us for ongoing monthly services at 20 hours or more per month, try our services for 15 hours and if you don't feel that our services will help you achieve your purpose, notify us in writing to cancel any remaining time on your contract. We will refund you the full unused portion of your contracted hours.

    Additional Benefits of our Services

    • - Peace of mind that your family member will be assisted by a thoughtful, respectful and caring assistant who brings high quality services to your loved one, who is consistent and on time for the assignment
    • - Peace of mind that your property and your tenants will be assisted by a thoughtful, respectful and caring assistant who brings high quality services to the assignment, who is consistent and on time
    • - Peace of mind that your tasks will be handled by a Bedgeburry Park Executive Assistants team member who understands how
         important your family, property and business are to you
    • - Less stress for last minute responsibilities even if you are out of town
    • - Delegate tasks you are unable to do or do not have time for
    • - No more forgotten appointments, lost invoices or late payments to utilities as well as suppliers of goods and services
    • - No more misplaced important documents, shoebox receipts, miscalculated tax deductions or late tax filings
    • - No more undetected bank errors


Below are brief outlines of the senior and specilized services that we offer to seniors, landlords, authors, brides, harried homeowners, and home office workers categorized by general type of service, for your convenience. For example, Estate Services, encompasses all a wide variety of administrative functions that must be handled after a loved has passed away. Click on the "Learn More" links to see a detailed list of the services available under each category. To become a client of Bedgeburry Park Executive Assistants if a direct payment link to PayPal has been included on the page, please proceed to that checkout page by clicking on the PayPal button. If no direct payment link to PayPal has been placed on the page please click on the "Become a Client" button in the top navigation bar.

Property Management Services
We understand that the property you are renting represents a valuable asset and may even be your own home. Our aim is to manage your property in a professional manner and to ensure that your best interests are paramount. We always strive to introduce fully vetted reliable tenants who will respect and enjoy your property and pay the rent on time.Ultimately, we will make sure that the property is well maintained and returned to you in good condition at the end of the management period. Residential and commercial clean-up needs, downsizing and estates property, hoarders all undertaken.
Services for Seniors
We understand how important it is to senior family members to remain independent and live in their own home. We also know that families need peace of mind in the knowledge that their loved ones are healthy, happy and safe. We have the experience to find the right solution for your family. Homemaking, household management, daily check-ins, medication reminders, consumer advocacy and pet care assistance are all part of our services.
Services for Veterans
We offer a wide variety of services to our cherished war Veterans and their survivors ranging from housekeeping and grounds maintenance to relocation and downsizing of their homes to assistance with personal correspondence. All Veterans and survivors of Veterans and civilians who served during the First World War, Second World War or the Korean War are eligible for our services. If you are a Canadian veteran of another conflict or are an expat veteran or veteran's survivor from countries other than Canada we will assist you to the same high standard of service as our Canadian heroes however you may not be eligible for the benefits available via Veterans Affairs Canada.
Homemaking Services
We can perform the daily chores that help a household run efficiently. With the increase in the number of unmarried people who often live alone and hold jobs, single or divorced people without partners with whom to share household tasks or run errands and working mothers many unseen but important homemaking tasks are left undone. A typical day for any one of these people may involve contact with a dozen people just to get out the door in the morning - laundry, dry-cleaning, grocery shopping, instructions to the house cleaning service and a telephone call to the dog-walking service or child care provider with the day's instructions. Let us calm the chaos in your daily life.
Relocation Services
Moving is stressful! But, it can be especially traumatic for someone who is leaving their lifelong home full of precious memories. Moving a senior can also pose quite a challenge if the family is spread out geographically and not readily available to help with the moving process. Packing and cleaning a house are physically and emotionally demanding tasks, ones that your senior family member may not be able to complete alone. We can provide compassionate assistance and objectivity throughout the relocation process whether for a senior family member or for an overworked and harried homeowner.
Estate Services
After the passing of a loved one, trying to understand and complete all of the necessary forms and documents required to settle the estate can be a very difficult experience. We take the burden off of you by assisting you in the accurate and timely completion of necessary forms and documents.