• Maintain the living quarters in a clean and orderly condition

• Dust, vacuum and sweep floors

• Wash floors, arrange for carpet and upholstery cleaning

• Perform minor repairs to upholstery and draperies

• Wash and/or arrange for dry-cleaning of chair covers and draperies, as applicable

• Washes dishes and cleans kitchen areas and appliances

• Cleans bathrooms including fixtures and mirrors

• Changes and launders bed linen

• Sorts and launders clothes or takes to the dry cleaners, as required; folds clean clothes and hangs or places in the proper storage space

• Perform minor repairs to clothing - zippers, buttons, belt loops, seam repairs, et cetera

• Clean and protective wrap silver serving pieces, candlelabras, et cetera

• Organize, catalogue and prepare an inventory of household appliances, fixtures, furnishings and ornaments with or without photographic confirmation for insurance purposes

• Organize and prepare your "Just in Case" file

• Organize personal papers, set up filing system for easy retrieval of important papers and payment of recurring bills

• Assists with shopping for food

• Transportation to grocery, bank, doctor’s appointment, senior center, etc.; pick up medications; • Provides assistance in the completion of forms; • Calls clients to remind them of appointments, schedules, or to re-schedule; performs a variety of miscellaneous duties, as requested

• Observes safety of living environment and health and reports problems and the need for additional services, including medical care, to other family members, health providers

• Seasonal cleaning for our current clients performed once or twice a year - cleaning of inside windows, washing walls and ceilings, taking down drapes and laundering them, cleaning out deep freezes, cleaning out cupboards, removing and washing items in a china cabinet

• Light yard maintenance - cutting of lawns, dethatching, raking, weeding, trimming small hedges and bushes, edging, breaking and bundling of fallen or trimmed branches for refuse collection

• Snow removal from steps, walkways and driveways to allow safe access to the principal residence

• Snow and ice removal from roofs and eaves troughs when such conditions pose a threat to safety and access

• Periodical cleaning of leaves and debris from eavestroughs

• Tilling ground to enable the client to plant a small flower or vegetable garden

• Prepares homes for sale, designs floor plans for the new home, sdistributes unwanted items to the appropriate places, does clean-outs, painting and cosmetic or minor repairs can be done on the home to ready it for sale

• Assistance with sorting and downsizing

• Assistance with selling the current home

• Assistance with finding a new residence

• Assistance with selecting a moving company

• Assistance with packing and unpacking

• For estate sales, organize, tag, price and create an inventory of what is to be sold

• Evaluate the phone and, if applicable, Internet options in your area

• Order phone line and, if applicable, Internet service

• Arrange for various utility and maintenance needs, verify the cut-off and start-up date(s)

• If moving, we work with the movers to ensure that all material is packaged from original site, transported smoothly and unpackaged and reinstalled at the new site

• Send change of address notices for subscriptions

• Code all furnishings and equipment in preparation for move

• Code all boxes in preparation for move

• For couples and families, code, pack, move, unpack and set-up individual PC workstations

• Post coded signs on each room at new location

• Arrange to have plants and fine art moved separately from furnishings

• Check for any damaged or missing items after all furnishings and equipment has been set-up

• Order new stationery

• Change vehicle registration, if applicable

• Revise telephone directory listing

• Notify post office

• Notify bank and accountant

• Notify insurance agent

• Notify vendors and suppliers

• Obtain boxes

• Rent crates (if applicable)

• Order packing materials

• Order labels and markers for coding system

• Take complete inventory

• Document network log-ins, access, print spooling, etc., if applicable

• Arrange to have PCs packed/moved, if applicable

• Arrange to prep/move telephone system

• Arrange for elevator access (both locations)

• Schedule parking and unloading at new location

• Obtain any special moving/parking permits

• Determine building restrictions for move hours

• Arrange for protection of floors, walls and elevators

• Arrange for special trash pickup

• Perform/arrange for final cleaning of old location

• Update service agreements

• Update insurance

• Update any equipment leases such as for televisions, major appliances

• Assistance with health care documents, powers of attorney, advanced directives, and estate organization

• Budgeting and personal finances

• Planning and Organizing

• Maintaining a Household

• Assesses matters of household and yard safety

• Rental arrangements and tenant/landlord responsibilities

• Neighborhood advocacy regarding noise, pets or property lines

• Consumer advocacy

• Consumer-merchant disputes

• Renewal of property insurance/car insurance

• Organization of closets, cabinets, basement, attic, garage or filing system

• Errand and courier service

• Mail delivery and pickup (if mailbox isn't at residence)

• Grocery shopping and errands

• Personal shopping

• Daily check-ins

• Reminder services

• Pet care services - cleaning, feeding, exercising, vet trips, licensing • Accompaniment to medical appointments

• Ensures medical tests are completed and other preparations are made before the appointment

• Helps communicate and advocate with the doctor

• Documents and follows-up on doctor's recommendations

• Coordinate bloodwork, x-rays and prescription renewals

• Arrange for special safety equipment like walkers, grab bars, et cetera

• Arrange in-home health management visits by a registered nurse

• Arrange in-home health services like physiotherapy, massage therapy, home support and personal care

• Submitting supplemental medical insurance claims

• Tracking of medical insurance reimbursements

• Administrative assistance with personal correspondence, payment of recurring utilities and other bills

• Assists with completion of government forms and applications

• Help seniors understand the mail they receive

• Setting up and organizing a filing system for personal papers

• Assistance with banking transactions, if requested

• Reconciling bank statements

• Budgeting finances

• Organizing financial and insurance records

• Filing insurance claims

• Planning events for special occasions, dinners, and parties

• Organizing a reminder service for special occasions

• Addressing and mailing any holiday, special occasion, and thank-you cards

• Updates of advance directives, such as Powers of Attorney


To become one of the most trusted and reliable sources for business and personal support services through offering an array of useful, effective and up-to-date administrative and organizational services and tools.


1. We will deliver contracted work on time with the highest quality of service, professionalism and accuracy.

2. We will keep you informed of the progress made on your project. If a project is to continue over 30 days or more, we provide you with detailed customized reports at the end of each month. Our reports will set out specifically what we've been working on, the total hours used by your business, and how our service has helped to improve your business operations.

3. All of our team members are screened, interviewed, tested, reference-checked and have met or exceeded our rigorous criteria before they ever come to you.

4. Bedgeburry Park Executive Services will not disclose or share your confidential and/or personal information with any other party at any time. We will happily provide you with a signed non-disclosure form if you require the same.

5. If, for some unforeseen reason, your hours are not used within the time specified in the package description we will refund you the balance of the unused portion of your fee. We will also refund you the balance of any unused portion of your fee for any package of 20 hours or more when you notify us in writing to cancel our services. Any service package can be refunded in full within 48 hours of purchase if no work has been performed and a written request from you is received by us to cancel the package and to send a refund to you.

6. If you are not completely satisfied with our performance, all efforts will be made to make it right or we will gladly issue a refund of the unused portion of any service package that you have purchased.


Below are a few of our projects both past and present.

You will see from these projects that we demonstrate competency, flexibility, adaptability of solutions to problems and that no job is too big or too small to which to turn our attention.

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